Our Story

India has been considered as agriculture based economy where it shares around nearly 17-18% of its GDP (for the year 20-21). The importance of sector has been well acknowledged by the Government and thus many schemes, incentives and facilities are launched by the Governments time to time. The efforts are being done continuously for the betterment of our farmers so they may enhance their income.

Despite being an integral part of India’s economy and a lot of support by all governments and other institutions the ground realities are far different to what we were expecting. On a larger note, conditions of farmers having large farming lands have been improved but mid and small scale farmers are still not in the status which they should be there. Many times we have read many unfortunate incident as suicide, of many small and mid scale farmers. The reasons behinds all this are many but it all is very much associated with the income of these people and if a significant change can be done, we believe a lot will improve.

In past few years, it has been noticed that the area of agricultural land has been shrunk very fast due to increased urbanisation. Farmers owing small agricultural lands who are not able to generate a significant income (due to various reasons e.g. Cost of fuel in irrigation, transportation of their crops and so on) sell their lands and move to cities for job. This is the time when farmers should also come forward and plan for change to overcome with all these challenges.

Centring all these situations, challenges and issues in our minds we came up with our own effort, White Ganga with the theme of  ‘Happy Farmer, Happy India’

White Ganga was conceptualised and developed as a pilot project in January 2020 by Santosh Bhargava (CEO & Founder) with an aim to assist our cattle owners, specially the one who are in mid and small scale range, to raise their income through specially cattle farming (in reference to dairy farming), developing vermi-compost and other associated by-products which can be developed through cattle farming.

With our initially studies and surveys we have noted a great potential in cattle and dairy farming. We have learnt that in past ten years, demand of milk has well increased but the production is still too low; accepting the reason that many farmers who were earlier involved with cattle farming are no more associated with this, sadly. While a lot took place on the production end; our surveys and studies revealed that in all these years our consumers are now more aware and really thinking about what they buy and consume. Our consumers are now more concerned and focused on Quality, Time, Price, Value and Ethics associated with the products they are buying and consuming.

Keeping conclusive data in centre, it was then decided by us to keep few cattles and to deliver milk focusing on quality and delivery management. Initially with few hurdles pilot project achieved succes and appreciation by locals.

During our study phase we also approached many farmers in nearby villages in order to understand, study their problems associated with cattle farming or if they opt for this. The idea to contact with the farmers was undoubtedly for the expansion of the business with our own values, parameters and ethics as well as to support farmers as we have said in our logo.

We finally sum up with all of it and concluded that most common challenges for the cattle owners or farmers are :

  • Finance Shortage (In case they like to buy a new cattle).
  • Lack of awareness about various available schemes, programmes and incentives. 
  • Lengthy Documentation Process for Loans.
  • Limited Accessibility for Nutrition Consultation and Medical Aid (when they keep a cattle).
  • Right Value of Their Products 
  • Challenges to deliver their Milk to consumers.

After learning many aspects related to this field, in August 2020, WhiteGanga has been set up as a company and registered in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh (India) and now after nearly two years it is regularly receiving positive response from its valuable consumers.

Registered under the START-UP INDIA programme, White Ganga with its theme of ‘Happy Farmer, Happy India’ is focusing to facilitate cattle-owners through its various services and schemes.

As a part of our plan we advantage our partners (cattle-owners) with below details :

  • Financial Aid
  • Complimentary Expert and Vet’s Advice
  • Door to Door Product Collection
  • On Time Payment
    • And Many More…

Our Mission

Our theme ‘Happy Farmer, Happy India’ is our core idea and we have planned to move with that for our future plans. We are working on to share our idea with more and more cattle owners and let them join as our valuable partners. 

We are working for the development of ‘Annadaata Kendra’ (facility centres) in villages itself, where a farmer can approach easily and can get products and other details such as – nutrients for cattle, organic compost, weather reports and many more such facilities.

These centers will not only work as facility centres to cattle owners but also to offer best product at best price. It also aims to aware them and teach them more about cattle farming.


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